Mold Removal

Return your home to its pre-loss condition.

Let’s get one thing out of the way quickly, almost every home has some type of mold. This is not a reason to panic; we see mold every day in our bathrooms, our kitchens, and these growths are normally disposed of using commercially available mod removal agents. That being said, if you discover a mold growth that measures more than four or five square feet, then you have what can be considered a considerable mold problem that could conceivably threaten the immune systems of anyone exposed to it.

These larger problems require the attention of a qualified, competent mold remediation provider, someone who knows their mold. Mold remediation is often used in both residential and commercial applications, government buildings, and apartment complexes (where more than one residence may be at risk).

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Xpert Restoration • Mold Specialists

Because mold problems require specialized treatment, Xpert Restoration is pleased to offer mold remediation as one of our many restoration services. We use the latest restoration procedures to remove the mold while preserving the integrity of the site, while at the same time preventing any possibility for future mold growth. Residential properties receive the same specialized care that a large- scale corporation would receive. Your health and the health of your family is our primary goal.

Mold remediation is different than other forms of restoration in that the affected area must be contained in order to avoid the risk of propagation. Due to the size and permeation of some mold growths, locating the source of the mold may be problematic. Mold is often found in HVAC systems, under carpets or flooring, inside cracks in concrete or cinder block, on porous wood surfaces, and within the pages of older books and magazines.

Mold removal also calls for certain precautions to be taken in order to protect the safety of the contractor and anyone else who may be working/living in the structure. Mold is spread very easily, often through something as simple as a touch. Touching mold can release hundreds of thousands of mold spores into the air, where they will drift (and get caught up in the property’s ventilation system) and very likely spawn additional growths in other areas of the home.

Prevent Further Contamination

Health professionals should be notified in the event of a mold discovery, and our Xpert Restoration technicians can work with them to limit any potential physical contamination. Some parts of the property may be quarantined until the threat of contamination has passed.

We will use the most up-to-date and advanced mold removal and remediation equipment to work on your home or business, taking air quality tests, containing the mold to one area, using filtration devices to remove contaminated air and bring fresh air in, removing contaminated materials for thorough cleaning, and restoring the location to its original condition.

Of course, no mold remediation job is complete unless the appropriate steps are taken to ensure that the mold does not return. The source of the mold, usually some form of water damage, will have to be addressed and repaired, the affected area dried out, cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized, and then improvements made to both ventilation and relative humidity levels in order to make the environment inhospitable for mold. Any company that cannot provide a plan for prevention of future mold growths is not one that you should even consider hiring.

While not all molds present physical threats, it is always better to err on the side of caution and have any mold growths removed from your home in a timely and efficient manner. This makes your home pleasant to live in, and will drastically improve your chances of resale should you ever decide to put it on the market. Give you home and your family every opportunity, get rid of your mold problem today.

High quality work, courteous service, the industry’s best customer support are what you get when you hire the professionals at Xpert Restoration. We offer full mold remediation service, designed to not only remove the mold but also prevent it from returning. All of our service technicians are educated, trained, and IICRC certified across all restoration equipment and procedures.

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